At home

We embarked on The Next Big Thing in our house over the weekend: the kitchen remodel. It has begun. (Duh Duh DUHHHHHH!). And I remembered why I have such a love/hate relationship with any kind of home renovation. Love the outcome. Hate the process. It always takes longer (and costs more) and is way way way way more inconvenient than you ever thought possible. Especially with two kids.

The guest room is less a guest room right now and more a holding ground for an odd assortment of cookbooks, kitchen tools, office supplies, and serving platters. I can stand in the kitchen and look into the attic! Fun (and Brrrr cold in the mornings when the cold air from the attic is drifting downwards). Better, I can stand in the kitchen and see into the living room, which was one of the most major things that we wanted to tackle in this project (removing the wall between the two rooms to make for a more open space). I am loving that I can be fixing dinner and can watch the girls playing. It’s going to be so great (especially once we get the storage back in with the new cabinets and the new center island).

In the meantime, I am working on living with the uncertainty and mess that comes with this kind of an adventure. I am appreciating all the more having hot water and a clothes dryer and an oven and stove (the gas was shut off for three days as the gas line had to be cut to make room for the new structural work in the attic). I feel so lucky that we are able to work on making this house if not our dream home, than at least a really comfortable and nice space, great for cooking, living, entertaining. I’m so grateful for all of Adam’s hard work in making this happen. I’ve told him numerous times that if it were up to me, nothing of this scale or scope would ever get accomplished: I’m too chicken and too overwhelmed with all the little details. He is so good at coordinating and managing and getting things done. Can’t wait to share before and after shots (it’ll be a few months for the afters).

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