Why house of waffles?

You all keep asking me this so I thought I’d write up a little thing. It is so easy, though, that it is ridiculous.

I like waffles.

The end. No, just kidding. Well, actually, yes it really is that simple but the back story is, though I’ve always liked waffles, when I was pregnant with Anna (my older daughter) all I could really stomach eating some days was waffles. And I really would eat waffles all. day. long. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. The whole shebang. Adam thought this was strange.

Then it became an even bigger obsession when I got a professional-grade waffle iron. And started researching recipes.

All that hard work and dedication to my favorite food has paid off. Ask anyone: my waffles seriously kick ass. They are light, they are fluffy, and they are miles beyond those cardboard discs most people try and pass off as waffles. Don’t even talk to me about freezer waffles. (gag)

We make waffles at least once a week, usually on the weekends. Usually Sunday. If I like you I might invite you over sometime. Then again, nah. More waffles for me that way.

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