About Me

My name is Jennifer (Jen if you have ever met me in person; Jenny if you are either my best friend from High School–Hi, Vicky!–or my deceased grandparents, which you obviouslyarenotsonevermind).

I am 30mumblemumble years old and I started this blog in 2006 because I was finally going to be a Mommy! And then I was a Mommy and I wrote about all the thing that new Mommies write about, things like the smell of a newborn’s head, and ohmygodijustwanttosleep. And then I got cancer and this blog was the place that I wrote about that, too. This is where I turned to when I was worried about dying, or annoyed about constipation (from the chemo), or when I really needed some human connection but I was too vulnerable to infection from the real world. This blog got me through it.

Now I am cancer free and my older daughter (the one born pre-cancer) is almost 8 years old and in the second grade and my “baby” (ok, two year old, but she will always be my BAY-BEE; I have a whole BIG story about how my youngest came to be and it goes like this: I had cancer and the doctors said, “sorry, no more babies for you” and I cried and then years later, surprise! Another baby for me!) is starting a couple mornings of preschool per week and I suspect that this means that things will change for me, too, in that way that life moves us along in orderly and surprising fashion, urging us along towards whatever comes next. Meaning, I am no longer the human zombie, mother of infants. I am no longer stuck in a sick body. I am…..learning how to be me. I am trying to fight back my anxiety that hums along like an ever-constant companion. I am doing my best to stay on top of the dishes and laundry (never-ending). I am trying to figure out if there is something else out there for me to do or be.

I hope you come along with me. Comment here, along with my Mom and my college roommate/best friend, or send me an email at jenniferagray@gmail(dot)com.



  1. Jennifer,
    I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago while searching for a picture of the roar shirt (mine is orangish & longsleeved; my mom bought it because she insists it’s actually a picture of me as a girl). I found your “Here I am again” post from November of 2008.
    At first I was captured by your story. Your battles rang emotional bells for me, though my stories are not the same. Now I find myself checking in whenever I get some spare web-time. The routine is Facebook – Ravelry – House of Waffles. At the moment I’m working nights processing data aboard a survey vessel, so I find myself peeking every few hours to see if there is a new post to help cut the monotony.
    Your blog is touching & your writings are a pleasure to read. Keep it up, we need it out here!

  2. Diana Jo Barton

    Just a quick note to agree with your hunky hubby, that you look just BEAUTIFUL – yes, 6-month pregnant belly and all… in fact, particularly with the pregnancy… I couldn’t be happier for you, sweet gal…
    Read Jeremiah 29:11 – it so makes me think of you, Adam, Anna and the wee one…
    Diana Jo

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