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Jul 13

July 27, 2013

We had a sweet little family party yesterday in honor of Adam and Lily’s birthday. Adam’s brother Chris and his family (my sister-in-law Rejane and their two kids Bruno and Max) drove down from San Luis Obispo and my mom (kids’ Nana) came also. It was a small and wonderful gathering! Adam’s cake was a lemon cake with lemon curd and a lemon buttercream. Lily had a little eggless lemon cake with whipped cream on top. After she licked all the whipped cream she wanted more! It really felt festive to be celebrating both of these birthdays on the same day for the first time and it made me think of all the wonderful July 27ths in our future with our little family. I love these people so much!

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Jan 13

Half a year!

Somehow, this tiny baby

has become 6 months old. That’s half a year, folks. Wha?????

Lily/Lilith/Sweetie/Babygirl/Poopsicle (that’s what her Daddy calls her)…..we didn’t know that we needed to have her here but we did, we really, really did. She is sweet as all get out. The smiliest baby I know (I have to fight the urge, everytime a stranger exclaims, “Oh! I got a BIG smile from your baby!” to tell them, Nah, it’s not that big a deal, she smiles at everyone). Happy, happy, happy. A mover and a booty shaker. She inchworms and army crawls and rolls everywhere. EVERYWHERE. She wants to be wherever the people are, and hopefully “The People” include her big sister Anna because that is her very favorite person EVAH. She does this great gurgle laugh that cracks me up. She bounces when she is in my arms and she is happy and wants down. She lunges towards people when she wants them to hold her (especially her Daddy and her Nana). She loves to suck her toes and put everything (EVERYTHING! OMG Legos and Polly Pockets and American Girl Doll accessories–such as earrings–make me hyperventilate) in her mouth. She is just starting to sit up on her own. She has figured out how to drink from a cup and from a straw sippy cup. She loves sweet potato (though she makes a horrendously shocked face each and every time she eats it) and oatmeal and bananas. She babbles and giggles and she says Mamamammama but only when she is mad/upset. I pretend that she is calling me but I think it really means “I am mad!” She knows the sign for Milk and will start clawing at my shirt if I don’t get her latched on fast enough after making the sign. She loves dogs (but she is a hair puller) and kids. She loves the grocery store and generally gets all mellowed out in the sling while I shop. Her sleep has been just plain awful for the past two months but last night she rewarded my six months of service by only waking one time. Go figure, I had middle of the night insomnia. Sigh. She isn’t so sure about the stroller and would prefer the comfort and warmth of a baby carrier like a sling or the Ergo. She cuddles her head into the crook of my neck when she is tired and makes a sweet little humming sound. She is my baby and she is growing so fast.

Lily, we love you so. Happy half birthday, baby girl!


Nov 11

Disneyland 2011

It is a lucky child, I’ve decided, who gets to go the Happiest Place on Earth on their birthday. Particularly if they get to dictate the day. Which, in our case, meant lots and lots of character and princess Meet and Greets. It was a fabulous day.

Nov 11

Half a decade

Would it be too obvious, too cliche, for me to write about how much I love my (big) little girl, how much she has changed my life, how happy I am that she is here? It’s the truth.

Even today, I still marvel at the moment that I first saw her face, kissed her, held her close, stroked her tiny head, looked into her dark eyes. It is magic in a way that nothing else is. It is absolutely, 100% life-changing. It is my deepest nightmare to dream that I never met her. It is my biggest, best thing in life to hear her say, “I love you, Mommy.”

I watch, helpless, as she grows. It elates me (she is growing! Up! Into a real, live, BIG person!); it terrifies me (she will grow up? Into a big person? And live her own life? A life where I will not read her bedtime stories and cuddle with her and see her every single day?). It is a mother’s joy and a mother’s sorrow to watch her children grow. It is the best thing that could happen and it is a gradual tearing off of the heart, the heart that is holding that child so close and yet wishing with every bone of her body that this child will grow into that grownup person. Roots and wings, baby. That is what I am here for. To ground her, to give her the foundation she needs to spread those big, beautiful wings and fly into the great wide future.

How did I get so lucky?

Some images from the past year in Anna’s life…

Jul 11


We are heading in a downward spiral upward trajectory towards my birthday (July 6) and I have decided that this year, rather than rue the closeness of my birthday to the birthday of or our country, I am going to embrace it. I am going Red, White, and Blue. I am going Stars and Stripes. I am going Fireworks and Star Spangled Banner and Uncle Sam this year. I am making all of our friends sing Happy Birthday to me on July 4th because we were all planning on getting together anyway and everyone has the day off of work and it will be one ginormous party. I’ve always shunned this (a bit like those whose birthdays are close to Christmas, I imagine) but this year I am all about the celebration. Anna’s been telling everyone that her Mama gets fireworks for her birthday and even if she isn’t entirely accurate, you have to admit that it is pretty damned cool.

I am turning 35 and I think that my 30’s have been the best decade of my life so far. Sitting around a table with friends on Wednesday night, celebrating another birthday, I had the sudden thought that I finally have the group of friends that I’ve always wanted. I didn’t have this in high school–too wrapped up in my boyfriend at the time, too shy at school, too….everything, who knows–I almost had this in college, and indeed, I did have a great group of girlfriends, but then again, a boy–happily, it was Adam–came along and, what can I say? I got all wrapped up in that and then got married and the rest is history. We moved, I was in grad school and busy and though we tried for those kinds of couple friends, our marriage wasn’t in the right place for it at the time and now it finally is. I feel not just like we have “arrived” but that we are journeying along an awesome road, like we are taking an awesome vacation for which every new adventure, even if not fun or amusing at the time (umm, cancer?), is still part of the journey, and, at the very least, generates the story of our lives. So as we laugh over a ridiculous gag gift for someone who wasn’t quite sure he really wanted to turn 40 (but had no choice), I can look around and see that these are the friends with whom we are writing our lives. These are not all of the friends that are dear in my heart, but these are the ones that have that day-to-day influence that adds up in infinitesimally small ways to make us who and what we are. And what I am in this moment right now, is happy. Content.

Thirty-five and alive? I didn’t always think I could be.

Thirty-five and happy? Who could want anything more?

I am anticipating amazing things for this next year of my life. I am looking into a writing group/support system/critical eyes for my writing (speaking of which, anyone have any connections they want to send my way?). My “memoirs” (oh, how grand)–that sounds embarrassing–that I am writing, they are the stories of my life and I am finding that I don’t care about fame and fortune, I don’t care about the New York Times Bestseller List, I don’t care about cash advances or anything at all but simply telling my story in a way that is clear and good, that is vulnerable and true. It is healing and it is self-saving and I am constantly growing and learning and that is always a good thing.

So, Happy Birthday to me, and to anyone out there afraid of aging, this is my advice, in my wise old age (Adam calls me his old woman, so I’m taking this as a sign that I can play the Sage here): Don’t make the mistake of wishing you weren’t moving in the direction that we are all inevitably moving towards. Don’t delay the now. Revel in the small, simple, profound moments of your life. Do the thing that sets your soul on fire.

Oh, and Happy 4th of July. Let freedom ring!

Nov 10

Fourth Birthday Party Extravaganza: Pretty Pink Princess Party!

Nov 10

Happy Birthday to my Four Year Old

There is no question that you are loved, my little one. Not a doubt in my mind.

Your arrival here amongst us has changed us indelibly–more than any other single event in our lives. The label of “Mother” is one that I wouldn’t exchange for anything, a label that no one can take away from me. I hold dear in my heart all the moments that we’ve shared (in retrospect, even the hard times are sweetened), every single little thing, and I know that there is no other way that I would rather be living my life.

You love princesses and the color pink and waffles (oh, child of my heart!) and your bunny Maria and your dolls and playing dress up. I’m pretty lucky that you also love me.

You make my heart grow bigger and bigger every day. I want to bottle you up and save you–I want to hear your little voice saying all those little things you say (“Kiss and a hug, Mama!”) for ever and ever, but I also want to hold you on my fingertip and urge you to fly away, to be the amazing, smart woman that I know (without a doubt) that you are going to be. You are sweet and sassy and strong and focused and brilliantly capable of pushing all my buttons and melting my heart in an instant.

Happy Birthday, my sweet Anna. I think being four is going to suit you just fine.

Sep 08

Happy Birthday, Dad

Yes, this is a day late…sorry. Yesterday was my dad’s birthday and we had a small celebration. We were all there, though, all four siblings, which seems to be more and more rare as the years go by, to have all of us attending a birthday celebration for one of our family members.

Anna wore Jeff’s hat….briefly.

We looked at pictures.

And then we looked at some more pictures.

We had cake, of course.

Where’s Liz in all this? I’m not sure how she escaped the camera, but I promise she was there, too.

Dad, I’m glad we got to celebrate you. Thank you for being there for me, now and always. I love you.

Jul 06

The Big 30 (22 weeks)

Hendry's Beach, July 6, 2006

Had the BIG 3-0 birthday on Thursday as well as passing the 22 week mark on Friday. Can’t believe either of these facts.

I keep tripping on the idea that I thought I would feel different, that there would be a marked change about me, as I reached certain milestones in life. I am finding, more and more, that this is simply not true. I am me! I am who I am…who I will continue to be. I am certainly changing and evolving subtly as a person, but these changes do not usually coincide with some major mark in life, like a birthday.

I am feeling good about this age. My 30’s are full of promise. I am feeling good about who I am, what I have accomplished, what is to come. My relationships are good. I am healthy. Life is good.

Baby is moving up a storm in the past week or so. There are definite times of increased movement where I can see and feel my belly jumping around. Adam and I have started reading Dr. Seuss books to Baby. I love those goofy rhymes!

We’re trying to get a bunch of stuff accomplished–new windows for the house, new furniture, re-organizing, etc. It is a lot of work and tiring but I’m feeling great about it. I only wish we had done this a while ago! oh well.

Here’s to the next decade of my life. Can’t wait to meet you, Baby!