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Oct 10

Adrea Scheidler, miracle worker

We are all actually horribly deformed. I have no legs. Adam weighs 500 pounds and Anna has no hair.

But, according to this, we are a fairly attractive family. Believe what you will. That is the magic of digital photography!

(Duh. We are lovely and have a lovely life and, speaking of love, have I mentioned how much I love these family pictures? And I’m not just saying that because our photographer is my former roommate and one of my dearest, closest friends. I intend to force encourage this little family of ours to get dressed up in fancy get-up and have our pictures taken at least one time per year for the rest of our lives, if for no other reason than to balance out the other 364 days of the year that I dress in unattractive, baggy, stained clothing and don’t wash my hair. It does wonders for my self esteem).

Mar 10

Photographic Evidence

that I actually do make waffles (wearing heels and pearls, of course) here.

I also have an adorable child, bake cookies, and look serious, from time to time.

I definitely have a very talented friend (Adrea Scheidler at Bright Waters Photography). Who else could make waffle making look so glamorous and artsy? Awesome.

Sep 08

Goodbye Long Hair

(All photos courtesy Adrea Scheidler, Brightwaters Photography

There are so many more….I had a hard time choosing which to share with you. These are just some of my favorites, just some of the ones that really show off the hair. Tomorrow it gets chopped off… long, farewell, audieu….

Sep 08

Saying Goodbye

Today was a lot about saying goodbye to life as I’ve known it. I had the incredible gift of my good friend Adrea coming up to Santa Barbara to take pictures of Adam, Anna, and me, to commemorate my long hair (not long for long, or even around for long) and my (appearance of) health. I sure do pretty much look healthy (except for the lump and the scar on my neck). I’m exhausted tonight, paying a price for my long day with Adrea, but it was so incredibly good for me, to celebrate my gorgeous, long locks (sniff sniff), my beautiful family, to laugh and laugh and laugh with someone I’ve known for more than a decade, someone who knows me well and who makes me feel connected and centered and happy. Thanks, Ada: what a gift.

Tomorrow brings a lot of changes. I’m cutting off my long locks, going for a super-short pixie cut so that it won’t be quite so frightening and dramatic when my hair starts to fall out. It will be a big change. I’m also starting my first round of chemo tomorrow. My main problem/worry here is that I already feel so sick, so nauseous….I’m nervous about what pumping stuff into me that guarantees nausea is going to do to me. I don’t know how I’m going to function at all. At all! I’m terrified.

More than that, I feel like I’m embarking on this voyage, in a big dark ocean, on a boat with no other passengers. I know others have traveled this passage before, that they’ve come through the storms and the waves and the length of the journey, but I’m still frightened to go over these seas in what is, essentially, my voyage alone. Oh, I know I am surrounded by my beloved family, by my friends. I know they will love and support me all along the way, but as much as they love me, they still are not (and cannot be) the ones to experience it all, to go through the hell-fire and back again. They aren’t the ones who will feel the way I feel, lose appearance and identity and health and strength.

I have so much more to say, but too tired to form much of a coherent thought.