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Oct 10


Anna is smiling but these two bastards (tomato hornworms) are what have been eating all our end of season tomatoes. No, we will not be keeping them as pets.

Oct 09


From last weekend’s gardening extravaganza. Adam and Anna gardening together, as I take pictures and sip an iced tea. Ah, what a life.

(trash bag hanging from tree is our first bunch of bananas from the banana tree in the front yard–we are hoping to simulate a tropical environment in order to get them to ripen)

Just thought I should post these today because this weekend will, most likely, include more of the same. And I desire, above all else, to keep you, my reading public, informed of the exciting events here at Casa Gray.

Sep 09

Blogging instead of sleeping

I should be sleeping. My tomorrow self will be cursing my tonight self: Why, oh why? Why did you not sleep when you had the chance? Answer: shrug. I dunno. I’m just enjoying the cool air (beautiful respite from the terrible heat of the daytime). I’m enjoying the peace and quiet of a sleeping household.

Or maybe it’s because I drank an ice tea in the middle of the afternoon. Or maybe it’s because of that damn rare afternoon nap I indulged in today while Adam took Anna out to ice cream (she totally ratted him out on this one; Adam just said that they “ran errands” but she said they got a snack. “What kind of snack?” I innocently inquired, thinking, oh, how sweet, picturing apple slices or crackers. “Ice cream!” Anna exclaimed with glee, as Adam winced. Secret’s out, buddy. Ha!

I’m ecstatic about the backyard remodel. It’s so so so so nice to be able to look outside and, instead of wanting to immediately draw the curtains, wanting to throw the curtains open, to rush outside and dance around (delicately, it’s new sod). Today we planted flowers and bulbs and some new veggies and some other new filler plants in the yard: Salvia and Flax and False Heather and all kinds of beautiful, beautiful color and textural variety. I just adore it. And I’m thrilling at the idea of the spring bulbs popping out, an extra, hidden bonus. A secret waiting to be born.

This morning we had our first of the monthly preschool potluck brunches and two things stuck with me: (1) when they say it’s going to start at 10, think 10:30….maybe 11 instead and (2) damn! I hate being the new girl! Anna played inside, in with the babies, of course. I pulled back and forth between her, a couple of the teachers, and some very, very brief conversations with other parents, all of whom, it seemed, knew each other in that way you know each other when you move in the same social circle and have for years. Parents whose kids have progressed years through school together, parents whose older kids are now in grade school but used to be in preschool together and now the younger siblings are at the preschool. I think it’s going to be a few more times until I can really break into that scene. Adam was fine, of course. “See ya, Mike!” “Later, Jim!” I could hear him call as we said our goodbyes. Buddies with everyone, that’s my guy.

And now off I go to bed, before I really really regret this late hour, getting later as the moments go by.