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Jul 13

July 27, 2013

We had a sweet little family party yesterday in honor of Adam and Lily’s birthday. Adam’s brother Chris and his family (my sister-in-law Rejane and their two kids Bruno and Max) drove down from San Luis Obispo and my mom (kids’ Nana) came also. It was a small and wonderful gathering! Adam’s cake was a lemon cake with lemon curd and a lemon buttercream. Lily had a little eggless lemon cake with whipped cream on top. After she licked all the whipped cream she wanted more! It really felt festive to be celebrating both of these birthdays on the same day for the first time and it made me think of all the wonderful July 27ths in our future with our little family. I love these people so much!

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Jun 13

Lily, 11 months old

11 months
20+ pounds
5 (almost 6) teeth
Size 18 month clothes
Size 3 (12-18 month) shoes

10 Words: Mama, Daddy, sister, Anna, more, all done, Baaa (sheep sound), woof (dog sound), “Mo” (for Marco, her lovey), Nana

Lily claps, makes animal sounds, turns the pages of her board books and even paper books (with supervision), plays peek-a-boo, pulls to standing, cruises on furniture, and climbs. She is a busy, busy girl who loves to have attention, loves to laugh, loves to move move move! She loves to swim, she loves to go on walks in the stroller. She loves her sister! She does not love being strapped down in the car (a necessary evil, unfortunately for her). She loves to eat, and she really loves to throw food over the side of her high chair for the dog (not my favorite). She loves to the feeling of sand and dirt and water.

This girl is zooming so fast to 1 year old that it makes my head spin!

May 13

Lily, 10 months

Our Lily-girl is now 10 months old! The reality of how quickly this first year is going has hit me this week as I contemplate the mere 2 months that are between now and her being a one-year old.

Lily now:

crawls. For real. Very very quickly. Oy.

pushes into standing position (but not really pulling to stand on furniture, just pushing up from the ground or things that are low to the ground).

says: Mama, Daddy (“Dad-DEE!”), Sister (“ter-ter”), all done (“ah duh”), more (“mo!”)

signs: all done, more, milk, water

shakes her head No No No

does the most adorable trick (If you ask, “How big is Lily?” she throw up her hands into the air to show us “SO big!!!”)

lifts her arms up to indicate desire to be picked up

drinks (messily, ha ha) from a cup

turns the pages of board books (sometimes she gets frustrated when she tries to open the binding end of the book)

Lily is so much more physically gung-ho than Anna was at this age. I wouldn’t dream, for instance, of putting her on our bed, even for a moment, untended (she immediately crawls to the edge). If you are holding her in your arms and she wants down it is nearly impossible to hold onto her (she is SO strong!). She does share her sister’s sense of humor, though; she seems to know when she is doing something funny and looks for a reaction.

She is crazy about her big sister and it is one of my biggest blessings in life to be privy to their growing relationship. Anna does an amazing job helping me (I can ask her to entertain her sister for a few minutes while I go to the bathroom) and they both delight in it. Sometimes Anna gets frustrated (especially if it has to do with Lily touching her toys) but, for the most part, she is incredibly patient and gentle and delightful. I love finding Anna reading to her little sister.

Lily is still wearing some 6-12 month clothing but we are nearly into the 12-18 months sizes. She is long torso-ed like her sis and daddy so rompers are tricky (especially with a bulky cloth diaper butt).

She is loving eating food and is doing great picking up little pieces of food. She continues to prefer fruit and veggies to meat and will often spit meat out if she puts it into her mouth. She has been loving cherries in the last couple of weeks (we pit and halve them for her). She was also a huge fan of a veggie soup that I made (especially loving the carrots and sweet potato chunks).

For as active as she is, I have been appreciating Lily’s quiet and snuggly times, like when she is ready for a nap. I love the way she leans her head against me in the Ergo. It’s the best.

We’ve been swimming quite a bit now that the weather is warm and Lily loves it! She has her own little pink wetsuit and she gets really excited when she sees it come out. In the water she is invigorated, kicking her legs and splashing and trying to drink the water. Its like she thinks that I should just let go of her already; like she thinks she can already swim! Such a funny girl.

Her hair is so blonde and beautiful, with a little swirl of a curl right down one side. Her eyes are an extraordinary blue (I am always getting compliments on their beauty).

We love our sweet Lily!


Mar 13

8 months (+ 1 day)

Yesterday marked little Lily’s 8 months here with us. Unfortunately, she and I are in the midst of a horrid cold. 🙁 Poor thing–this is the third illness she has had so far. Anna didn’t get her first cold until she was over a year old. I guess that that is the way it goes with the second-born, though: they get exposed to all those germs that big siblings bring home (and are more likely to be carted around to all manners of places, too). I confess, as sweet as it is when Anna’s kindergarten friends crowd around Lily before and after school, wanting to say hi and play with her, I cringe when they breathe in her face, or reach out and touch her. Unless they have an obvious cough, though (in which case I do step in and ask them to keep some distance), I generally let them do it. It brings such pleasure to these kids and to Lily, too. She is definitely a social baby, all easy smiles. I would love her anyways, even if she weren’t this way, but it is such an appealing and loveable quality of hers that it just makes her even more dear to me. Who couldn’t feel their heart melt with a sweet round baby grinning at you?

Lily is still not quite crawling, though she does a mean commando crawl that gets her places faster than I always think possible. In fact, she commando crawled her way into a big fall into our master bathtub (sunken)–ouch!–a couple of days ago when I left her, just for a second(I know, famous last words), several feet away from not only the tub, but the bathroom. I still feel just sick thinking about it. Wince. Never again. Well, I know that she will of course her herself again but I’d rather avoid her doing it due to my own negligence! I have to be on my toes with this one!

She is enamored by the dog. She has taken to flinging food at him from her high chair (she holds the food just outside of our reach and then, I swear to you throws it at him….and laughs). She laughs and smiles and kicks her legs when he approaches her. It’s lucky for Porkchop that she loves him so much because there have been several days in the last few weeks where I have felt like marching his ass right back to the dog adoption people (so much barking! So much toy thievery!).

Lily’s other loves are her sister, her daddy and I, and her little lovey that Adam has named Marco. She squeals when she sees this little blankie animal. So sweet.

She is eating all kinds of food. She doesn’t care for banana (will throw it off of her tray), but loves all other fruit. Berries are her favorite. If she sees strawberries, she will grunt and strain towards them, in a most obvious “give me THAT!” kind of a way.

No teeth yet!

She was sleeping through the night (oh blissful 11-12 hours! And she did it all on her own!) until this dreaded cold. Now I am a zombie again but of course I take care of my poor snotty sweetie.

She is growing out of her 6-12 month clothes and is in a combo of those (which are getting too short and tight) and 12-18 month size. I think she is around 17 pounds, though I need to re-weigh her as it has been a while. My arms feel like I’ve had a workout when I carry her for any length of time now! Thank goodness for the Ergo.

Her hair is coming in more and is decidedly a darker blonde. Her eyes remain a gorgeous blue. Her arms couldn’t be more chubbity and munch able–I get comments all the time on them. I am loving cuddling her and feeling her soft babyness–I know how soon she will turn into a toddler and sometimes I don’t feel ready for that!

Sweet Lily. We are lucky to have her in our family and to continue to get to know her.


Jan 13

Half a year!

Somehow, this tiny baby

has become 6 months old. That’s half a year, folks. Wha?????

Lily/Lilith/Sweetie/Babygirl/Poopsicle (that’s what her Daddy calls her)…..we didn’t know that we needed to have her here but we did, we really, really did. She is sweet as all get out. The smiliest baby I know (I have to fight the urge, everytime a stranger exclaims, “Oh! I got a BIG smile from your baby!” to tell them, Nah, it’s not that big a deal, she smiles at everyone). Happy, happy, happy. A mover and a booty shaker. She inchworms and army crawls and rolls everywhere. EVERYWHERE. She wants to be wherever the people are, and hopefully “The People” include her big sister Anna because that is her very favorite person EVAH. She does this great gurgle laugh that cracks me up. She bounces when she is in my arms and she is happy and wants down. She lunges towards people when she wants them to hold her (especially her Daddy and her Nana). She loves to suck her toes and put everything (EVERYTHING! OMG Legos and Polly Pockets and American Girl Doll accessories–such as earrings–make me hyperventilate) in her mouth. She is just starting to sit up on her own. She has figured out how to drink from a cup and from a straw sippy cup. She loves sweet potato (though she makes a horrendously shocked face each and every time she eats it) and oatmeal and bananas. She babbles and giggles and she says Mamamammama but only when she is mad/upset. I pretend that she is calling me but I think it really means “I am mad!” She knows the sign for Milk and will start clawing at my shirt if I don’t get her latched on fast enough after making the sign. She loves dogs (but she is a hair puller) and kids. She loves the grocery store and generally gets all mellowed out in the sling while I shop. Her sleep has been just plain awful for the past two months but last night she rewarded my six months of service by only waking one time. Go figure, I had middle of the night insomnia. Sigh. She isn’t so sure about the stroller and would prefer the comfort and warmth of a baby carrier like a sling or the Ergo. She cuddles her head into the crook of my neck when she is tired and makes a sweet little humming sound. She is my baby and she is growing so fast.

Lily, we love you so. Happy half birthday, baby girl!


Dec 12

Lily’s first Christmas

It’s 2 am, Christmas morning. I’m sitting in my room, rocking a sick baby, while everyone sleeps around me. It’s as horribly exhausting as it sounds and yet….it is somehow do-able, even in the middle of the night on Christmas. Even with only two hours of sleep behind me and not much promise of sleep ahead of me. I can’t set Lily down because she wakes and cries and her hoarse, congested cry twists my heart and I have to pick her up immediately and so, of course, I am sitting here, rocking her and smelling her sweaty, feverish forehead and kissing her gently from time to time and being thankful that at least she is sleeping, at least she is resting and she is as comfortable as I can make her and at least she is so very loved, even if she is sick on her very first Christmas.

Last year it was Anna who was sick on Christmas. I went looking for her in the afternoon, after all the presents were unwrapped, and I found her sprawled on her bed, napping, and knew she must not be feeling well (Anna hasn’t voluntarily napped in several year). Maybe next year we can all be healthy? Is that possible?

Even in this, in the midst of a long, hard night, I know that there are worse things. I know that tomorrow morning, even if I am fall down tired, there will be presents and smiles and cinnamon rolls and apple cider. There will be new things and hugs and family. There will be fancy Christmas dishes and plates of cookies. There will be laughter and kisses and there will be love.

It’s a dark night but I have the promise of a bright and happy day to come. So I sit and rock and rock and rock. Sweet Lily, merry first Christmas.


Dec 12

First Foods

You know how with your first born, you are so totally idealistic and you have all these ideas and plans? Example: first foods. You will feed them only homemade and lovingly prepared organic-only homegrown garden fresh produce. You will not give them said food until they are 6 months old, and not a day older. And you will make a big event, with a special bib that you have commissioned from Etsy, one that says, “First Food!” and you will have the good camera charged and ready? And then, as it just so happens, your firstborn grabs a handful of Easter ham when she is around five months old and pops it in her mouth. And…ta-da! First food is ham!

You know? (Or…..maybe not. This is what happened with Anna, though).

Well, then the second born comes along and maybe you have some of the same dreams except maybe just a wee bit less involved but then…..your husband feeds the baby mashed potatoes at four months because she is fussing at a restaurant (for the record, Lily loved them) and then the big sister, two nights later, feeds the baby Hello Kitty red lip gloss (flavor questionable, though it is labeled “cherry flavored”) while she is in the bathtub? You know?

Or….maybe not, again. Maybe this is just me.

Dec 12

Oh Christmas Tree, 2012 Edition (*Now with siblings!*)

Christmas 2012

Cute, right?

This is the behind the scenes: Anna, hold onto your sister. No, not like that, tighter so she doesn’t slip down. Oh, no no no no! Not so tight! Loosen it up a little bit! Not that loose, look her head is falling. But don’t grab her head. No no no no.

Also: LILY LILY LILY LILY LILY LILY LILY!!!!! (Plus other assorted silly noises to try and make the baby smile).

Click. Good enough.

Merry Christmas, y’all. We done got us a tree.

Nov 12

Lily, 4 months old

Lilith Charlotte, you are now four months old. You are the smiliest baby I know and so much fun. You are a mover and shaker, not content to sit and look, you want to roll and scoot. You want to shriek and shout and coo and gurgle. You are *this* close to blowing raspberries–you’ve got a new little trick with your lips that cracks me up every single time.

Everyone comments on your beautiful blue eyes. They say that you look like me….but with blue eyes. I love that.

There is something super special about you. The way you nuzzle into me. The way that you tell me, without words, what it is that you want and I can (mostly) just tell what it is. I know that one cry means “milk” and one means “put me down!” and one means “cuddle me!” This is partly me and partly you and partly just the way that we are the Mama-Baby dyad.

You went from being an awesome, like crazy awesome 11-12 hours straight, sleeper to a not-so-awesome sleeper, waking 2, 3 or more times a night but….I forgive you because that first morning smile erases everything. It is the widest, most electric, most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

I am excited for you to grow up and talk to me in big kid words and I am excited for you to learn and grow but there is also a part of me that wants to keep you how you are (as if I have any choice in the matter) because I am just loving you so much. You have simple needs: eat, change diaper, clean body, cuddle and kiss.

I see the way that you and your big sister interact and I know, without a doubt, that your sisterhood is going to be one of the greatest gifts in your life. Anna loves you like no other.

I feared that your Daddy would have a hard time starting over again with a baby, but I watch the way his eyes go soft when he talks to you and I know that he is enjoying you just as much as I am.

You are a special, wonderful, amazing little soul and we love you more than I could ever say.



P.S. Your 4 month stats: 25″ long, 14 pounds and 6 ounces.


Nov 12

Lily, 3 months +/-

Poor Lily. Second child syndrome sets in and I don’t believe I blogged either her one month or her two month milestone. Here she is, 3 months and a week or so old and I’m, once again, a little late to the game. Sorry, sweetie.

Lily, at 3 months old, is such a delightful little baby. She squeals and gargles and croons and (occasionally) giggles. She smiles at everyone and everything, even when she isn’t super happy. She seems eager to please and wants to be a part of all conversations and social interactions. She is more interested in looking out at the world than I recall Anna being at this age. Her preferred method of being carried is outward facing, whether in someone’s arms or in a sling. She’s not a huge fan of the stroller, and will only occasionally sleep on the go. If she’s awake, she wants to be “talking” and, most importantly, rolling around on the ground. This girl is a roller! Tummy to back and back to tummy. She kicks her legs and scoots and wiggles and, just in this last week, has started doing trying to get her feet (her favorite new discovery!) into her mouth (along with anything and everything else, she is absolutely driven to put it all in her mouth).

She is Little Miss Grabby and I have all but given up on wearing necklaces. I have to wear my hair up or OUCH! she’ll pull it, too. She likes to cling onto the front of my shirt when I carry her and when she is nursing.

She nurses every couple of hours and sleeps every couple of hours during the day–though usually only short naps of 45 minutes or so (what happened to the longer naps??? I miss them!). Though I am tired from not sleeping all the way through the night, I feel that I can’t complain too much about nighttime sleep as she usually only wakes once (sometimes twice) a night to eat and then go right back to sleep. She wakes super happy in the morning–I think that this is one of my most favorite times with her. There is nothing better than seeing her happy smile to start my day!

Lily adores her big sister and her Daddy. Hearing either of their voices makes her crane her neck to look for them and she rewards them with a big grin. Anna entertains her endlessly. I find this especially helpful in the car as when it is just Lily and I, she often cries. (Sad Mommy!).

I’ve told so many people this, but she really does feel like my special little “bonus baby.” She is the child I didn’t think I could have, the one that I dreamed of existing but could hardly believe would really happen. She is so special and sweet and I’m so happy that she is here and a part of our family!