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Oct 10

One foot in front of the other

Warning: This post contains run-on sentences and I am okay with that. Sometimes a little grammar relaxation is just the ticket. This is a blog, not a paper for honors English class. Apologies to the English teachers out there.

I’m trying to think of how to sum up this day in a way that is something more than just a spewing of random stuff. I want it to be all poetic and interesting and crap. Oh well.

Last night Lucky was back to not really walking. It was kind of freaking me out. Adam did his ‘stop freaking out’ speech to me and promised to get her in to the vet in the morning because I was already committed to driving for Anna’s school field trip to the pumpkin patch. But, as it turns out, the vet doesn’t come in until 1 pm on Tuesdays and Adam couldn’t take Lucky in the afternoon and so then I ended up driving for the school field trip (which, by the way, thank GOD I don’t normally drive four preschoolers around in my car all the live long day because I simply could not survive. By golly they are cute but they are LOUD and they ask so many questions and complain about the length of pretty much any car trip. Mission Canyon to Carpinteria and back and I just barely held my sanity together) and then we ate lunch at school and then raced back home to pick up Lucky (thank you Eron for coming by the house to carry her to the car) and to the vet where we found that, given some support with a towel under her hind parts she could passably walk (thank goodness). The vet says it is most likely a slipped disk. We could find out for sure (and the extent of it) to the tune of several thousand dollars but it seems that it doesn’t really matter that much to know the specifics, for now. It’s so weird, this pet health care stuff. There are definitely things were if it were a person it would be a no-brainer but for pets (ouch, this hurts to type) we make these decisions about what is necessary and what we are willing to do, the costs (both financial and lifestyle and otherwise) we are willing to undertake.

We are trying Cortisone and a muscle relaxer for Lucky. We are supposed to keep her activity to a minimum–no jumping (don’t think she is capable of it at the moment anyhow). The potential problem is that the situation could become worse. It could lead to true paralysis whereas at the moment she has some muscular ability but lacks proper proprioceptive ability for her hind legs. If it gets worse…well…again. See the previous paragraph. That is where we have to “make some tough decisions” as our vet puts it.

She is my first baby and this is hard. She is eleven years old and in some ways that seems so old (her muzzle is so white!) and in other ways I still see her as my puppy. My big, huge, 100 pound puppy. OH, I love her.

The vet mentioned that slick floors would make her life more difficult (our entire house is hardwood and tiles) and that rugs would help her to gain traction for getting up and laying down so I went out with the intent of buying a cheap rug but I just couldn’t pull the trigger on a cheap rug. I ended up with a beautiful rug and I just couldn’t help myself. I felt like even though she won’t appreciate it for what it is, it is still something that my heart had to do–buy her something, do something, anything. She has yet to really even go on the new rug at all but I’m giving it time. I’m afraid Anna commandeered it for a large tea party with her dolls and stuffed animals. Meanwhile, Lucky laid down with her head in my lap and let me brush and pet her for a long, long time–something that she doesn’t always put up with for as long as she put up with it today. It was so sweet to have that time with her, just enjoying the big warmth from the gentle giant body of hers.

I had so many moments today with Anna where I thought that my head might just explode but it didn’t and I didn’t explode either and for that I am grateful. You know those moments as a parent where you are aware that your kid is on the edge and is tired and maybe hungry and you should probably just go home and put on a video and chill but there’s just one, maybe two more teensy tiny little errands that it would be great to get out of the way so you stop here and then there and then, just as you are in the home stretch, paying for something, something (you’re not even sure what) sets your kid off and before you know it, they are lying there on the floor of the Sunglass Hut screaming about how you picked up their purse and they wanted to do it themselves, NO PUT IT BACK, NO NOT LIKE THAT, STOP IT!!!!??? No? You don’t? Lucky you. I do. And then I had to got to go back to Pottery Barn to pick up the rug that I had purchased and left there so that I wouldn’t have to drag my new rug all over the mall and she did it again, this time over something else (I don’t even know what) and then she kicked the back of my seat all the way home while I gritted my teeth to keep from screaming and instead tried to do the whole “I don’t like the way that that feels” and “that will hurt the car” thing until we got home and then I tortured myself her by not allowing a late afternoon movie because I swear to god that even though that 40 minutes of Yo Gabba Gabba seems heaven sent at the time, the aftermath (directly after any video/movie/whatever ends) is my worst nightmare of screaming and demands for MORE MORE MORE which is funny because she has such limited media exposure you wouldn’t think it would be possible for her to be so addicted to it. Instead I let her follow me around the house yelling about this and that while I cleaned up the breakfast dishes (still left out from the morning–this morning at least, not a previous day’s morning) and tackled Mt. Laundry in my bedroom and tried to get our half-lame dog as comfortable as possible, and cook dinner. It was just….kind of un-fun.

I do love my life but sometimes I feel a bit defeated by it all. Sometimes I feel like the things I do are big scheme important but it’s hard to keep my eyes on the prize because I am busy wondering why it is taking me so long to fix dinner. Or I am groaning at the idea of having to not only fold but also put away in drawers like a normal family all that laundry.

Life is so tiring sometimes.

And yet….it is somehow all ok. Lucky is still alive and was even able to limp from living room to bedroom (after eating and drinking again, yay) all on her own just now. Clothes are folded and (mostly) put away. Kitchen is clean. Anna is getting her much needed sleep (as I shall soon do, too). I can look around and be content and okay. I am sighing and weary but proud of myself for not getting crazy today. For holding it all together and not breaking down into a puddle and shaking my head and refusing to do all the things that needed doing. I worked hard and I accomplished things and for that I am proud. Tomorrow I will get up and do it all over again.

Sep 10

Dinner Alone… Well Almost.

This one is a few weeks old. Jen’s sister came to town and Anna went out to dinner with her cousin, aunt and mamma. I had a nice small piece of shark that was perfect for a single serving. Some pepper, salt, paprika (hungarian sweet), and a little cayenne pepper go well on a meaty piece of thresher shark.

I got a pan as hot as possible added a little olive oil and blackened both sides of the fish. While that was getting setup I made some Polenta (polenta, water, salt, and a little marscapone mixed in at the end after it is off the heat) and some steamed green beans.

The whole dish takes about 20 minutes start to finish. I sat at the table and ate most of the dish.

When I was done I found this very happy dog that was ready to clean up.

Jan 10


Lucky the Dog, perhaps in an act of protest (against….her role as captive, though much beloved pet?….the rain?), or perhaps (more likely) out of sheer laziness, pooped inside the house yesterday.

It was dinnertime when we found it. Anna ran into her room as I announced dinner, as she often does at this time, to do something irrelevant (to me)/silly like change her socks or put on a hat, or ask her bunny Ria if she wants dinner, too. Adam and I were plating food (roasted chicken, butternut squash, sauteed spinach) when we heard her strangled cry, “POOP!!!!”

“WHAT???!!!??” we shouted back as one.

“There’s some poop in my room!” she yelled, clearly panicked.

This, I had not anticipated. My mind immediately made up that she had needed to poop when she ran to her room and that she was in there, squatting on the floor, pooping in there. I was livid.

We arrived shortly (we live in a very small house) at the scene of the crime. Poop, indeed. Poop trailing, poop smeared, and then, like a perverse twist on the proverbial pot of gold beneath the rainbow, a big, stinkin’ huge ol’ pile o’ shit. Bigger than one that could possibly be produced by one smallish three year old child.

“LUCKY!!!” Adam and I both yelled at the already slinking away-with-tail-between-her-legs dog.

On clear days, this is not a problem. Lucky scratches at the door when she needs to go out, does her business, and scratches to be let back in (or, when we are home and it is warm enough, we keep the back door open and let her roam in and out at will). Easy Peasy. Rainy days? No such luck. She scratches to be let out, pokes her head out and realizes that there is–gasp–precipitation! and then we proceed to shove her 105 pound body out the door, in hopes that she will actually, ahem, complete the task. Outside. Where, for dogs, it belongs (though Anna recently decided that if it is good enough for Lucky, it should be good enough for her; a couple of weeks ago I found a poop that was suspiciously non-dog-like and, on questioning, was revealed to be Anna’s. “Yes! I poop outside! Like Lucky dog!” Oh how I wish I had been there to witness my own child taking a dump on the back lawn. Now that’s one for the scrapbook, right?). Then Lucky, outside in the rain, stares at us wetly and woefully through the sliding glass door, begging us with her eyes to be let back in. She prefers, on these days, to wait it out. And then, when there are more than two consecutive days (seems to be her maximum number of days for holding it in), she lets loose somewhere in the house (favored room remains Anna’s room which was, before Anna’s birth, the guest room).

So. Today, our first clear, beautiful, sunny day in a week. What did I spend my time doing? Yes, that’s right. Washing dog poop off of Anna’s rug (we have these for her room and I want to let you know that I think they are absolutely awesome, even if my dog does prefer to poop on them. It is simply brilliant that I can just remove as many tiles as necessary–today, that number was five, yes FIVE–and wash them off one by one, rather than wrangling a very large–I think it ends up being something like an 8’ x 10’ with the number we have–rug around the house). Also, besides the cleaning, I spent lots of time giving the dog the evil eye. It’s not my fault that it rained. And pooping indoors is just not acceptable, unless she’s going to learn to use the toilet, which, speaking of which, wouldn’t that be cool?

This was going to have a much more pithy ending but it has taken me literally all day (I started this at 8 this morning and now it is 8 pm) to get to this point (life intervened) so I think I’ll end with this: The End. That’s all, folks. Aren’t you glad you checked in with the House of Waffles today? To read about dog poop? Maybe tomorrow I’ll write about something else cool, like maybe vomit? I’m sure my stats are going to go up after this one, right?

Jan 10

things i am currently obsessed with

– knitting this sweater (except I’m making mine with sleeves)
– Bikram yoga
– keeping the dog off of the couch (so sick of vacuuming dog hair)
– baking more bread than we can possibly eat–seriously, Adam is about to cut me off from buying flour
– waffles (duh)