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Apr 11


Today I was driving down the freeway, singing my heart out. To….the “oldies” station. Which, by the way, really? Are the ’90’s the oldies now? That just feels wrong.

Ok. Whatever.

I was driving down the freeway, singing my heart out. With Kurt Cobain. All Apologies.

I know that we all have our own special songs, our own artists that just do that special something to our souls. I read an article in the waiting room at the doctor’s office today (Discover magazine, I think?) that talked about how listening to a favorite song is akin, neurologically and physiologically speaking, to our most peak happiness experiences–being in love, for example. It triggers the same part of our brains. It lights up the pleasure center as we anticipate the way that the song moves us.

For me, count me in the Nirvana camp. I can be transported to the time of grunge, when I had a closetful of “vintage” (ok, thrift store mainly) jeans and men’s flannel shirts and old sweaters. Doc Martens and Converse sneakers (I still wear both of these, come to think of it). I FEEL it. That music was different. That music moved me in the way that (later) other bands did, too: Hole’s Live Through This, Greenday (anything they have ever made), Weezer (ditto), and, even later: The White Stripes (I fell hard for Fell In Love With A Girl), Death Cab for Cutie, and more.

The soundtrack of Anna’s first year of life was Renee and Jeremy’s It’s A Big World. I can sing every lyric of every song off of that album. Still. I think it is kind of sweet. And it really is perfect for bouncing an aaaallllmost but not quite totally asleep baby around to.

The soundtrack of Anna’s second year of life was Raffi. Eh. I just got a little sick to my stomach thinking about that. I just checked and Baby Beluga (the song, not the entire album) STILL rates #1 in my list of Top 25 Most Played songs. Because when I took it off of continual loop Anna screamed at me and I finally decided that I could either go crazy listening to Raffi or I could go crazy AND deaf listening to Anna scream for “BABY LUUUUUUGA!!!!” and, in the end, Raffi (or should I say Anna) won.

I listened to Enya not only my first year of college (I dunno, it was what my roommate and I used to put on when we studied, or pretended to study, as the case may be) but also for a lot of the duration of my hospital stay in 2009 (the terrible horrible no good pancreas surgery) because it made me feel a little more calm and it felt like an alternative for sleep, which I couldn’t do when I had that blasted nasogastric tube down my throat.

Anyway, point being, music can transport. And I wondered to myself, watching Anna in the backseat, what her own music memories would be. I am transported to my own childhood when I hear Peter Paul & Mary. Will she flash back to sitting in her carseat, four years old, when she hears Nirvana as a grown woman? That seems amazing to me.

Oct 10

This is what it sounds like

…..when a guy sings really, really high.

Anna and I were driving in the car today when Prince's song "Kiss" came on the radio.

Anna asked, “Who sings this song, Mom?”

“Prince,” I said.

“A Princess?” she asked.

“No, honey, a guy who is called ‘Prince,'” I replied.

“But this is a woman singing, MOM,” she sighed, obviously weary at my lack of understanding.

“No, it’s just a guy singing kind of high.”

“NO, this is a GIRL singing. A PRINCESS. I like this song.”

“Ok, whatever. I’m just glad that my plan to indoctrinate you with the wonderful world of ’80’s music is working out.”


“Nevermind. Just sit back and enjoy the Princess’s song, sweetie.”

Dec 06

Music, etc.

I was thinking today about music and Anna. Music has been a huge part of my life, from piano lessons as a child, to singing in choirs (especially during high school and college), to my interest in singers and music groups as an adult.

While I was pregnant, I had a collection of songs that I listened to and sang along to over and over again. I had read that babies in utero can start hearing sounds at some point, and I wanted to expose our baby to music as early as possible! Some of these songs are songs that I continue to sing to Anna as lullabies or just to amuse her during the day. I believe that either she will have an aptitude/interest in music or not…but that I might as well do my best to foster that. I find myself singing the same songs over and over, especially at night when I am exhausted, pacing the floor with a fussy or crying or very sleepy Anna.

Songs I like to sing to calm Anna or use as lullabies:

    Lots of Peter, Paul and Mary…especially Puff the Magic Dragon, Stewball, 500 Miles, Leaving on a Jet Plane

    “Way Over Yonder” and “Beautiful” (Carol King)

    “Somewhere over the Rainbow”

    some Jack Johnson songs

    Weezer’s “Island in the Sun”