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Aug 12


I was thinking this morning of the ceremony that takes place in girls scouts, when the girl “crosses the bridge” to the next level of scouts (can’t remember from what to what, but that is sort of irrelevant at the moment). I feel very much that way about Anna this morning, that she is “crossing the bridge” in an inevitable march onward towards bigger and better things. This morning my baby Lilith sleeps in bed while Adam, Anna and I prepare Anna for her first day of Kindergarten. As I watched my Baby slumber in the wee hours of the morning (couldn’t sleep! too excited for Anna!), I wondered at the fact that it felt as if I were watching my Baby Anna sleep, so alike are the two when quietly sleeping (their Daddy’s genes run strong!). How is it that my Baby Anna is now my Big Girl Anna who is big enough to go off to Big Kid school? No longer a preschooler….now an elementary school kid.

Having to forego the crown (an entire story in and of itself*) makes it all the more poignant, like there is something in her that is being released, a last vestige of her baby/toddler/preschooler self that is dying off. Now, in her dress and shoes and flowered headband, she looks like all the rest of the new kindergarteners: a bundle of excitement and anticipation (with just a sprinkling of trepidation).

I am so excited for her, my big/little girl.

*Story of the crown will be told soon….when i have a moment to type it up.


Jul 11

House stuff

We are in the process of trying to move. We did the math and realized that we can either stay where we are at and send Anna to private school (that was Plan A), or we can move into a neighborhood with a much better public school and send her there (Plan B). There is no Plan C (sending her to public school where we currently are; it is horrid, unfortunately). The benefit of Plan A was the simplicity of it: just stay where we are at! I have to admit that in a lot of ways, Adam and I are both more comfortable just being here. We love our house. We’ve been here a good long while (9 years!) and we’ve put a lot of time and money into it. BUT…Plan B would buy us more than just a school for Anna: it would also buy us a bigger house, a bigger yard, a larger (and more functional kitchen, pretty darned important to us as we both love to cook), and, perhaps most importantly, a second bathroom (because Anna is going to be a teenager someday and the idea of all three of us sharing our one bathroom is just laughable. It’s tough as it is without one of us having to spend hours scrutinizing her hairdo and makeup). So, good school and the benefit of living in a house that will work better for us? Win-Win. The only part that I’m really having a hard time with is the style aspect. I didn’t really realize how in love I really am with a certain era of house (turn of the century-1930 or so). Our house was built in 1929 and, though tiny and on a tiny lot and containing only one tiny bathroom and a postage-stamp sized galley kitchen, it has charm. Loads of charm. Coved ceilings, wood floors, big fireplace, arched doorways. So as I walk through these many, many 1960’s and ’70’s houses, I cringe. I cringe at the clunkiness of them, their lack of beauty. Their olive gree carpeting (ugh, seriously, some people never even replaced the original carpeting), their cottage cheese ceilings, their graceless aluminum windows. I’m coming to terms with it. I love the idea of living in a neighborhood where all the kids go to the same school, where they play together outside, where you get to know your neighbors. I’m loving the idea or suburbia, which is going to be a whole change of lifestyle for us.

I’ve loved the Westside, I’ve loved being downtown for all these years, but it is time to move on. Even if it does mean one of those funky shower/tub combos where you can’t possibly fill up the tub because it is too shallow and wide. Maybe we’ll get a kidney-shaped swimming pool along with the new house, to help ease the burden of funky built-ins.

We’re waiting to hear back on an offer we made on a house which has a backyard that I fell deeply in love with–huge, with great landscaping, a pool, a garden area, a lawn, a covered patio. It also has 5 bedrooms and 3.5 baths, which is perhaps sort of ridiculous for three people to live in but…..oh, that yard! We’ll see….

Jun 11

Surfer Girl

Ok, so it was really just hitching a ride with surfer Daddy while he paddled from Goleta Beach to Campus Point and back, but ya gotta start somewhere, right? I’m still counting it as her first surfing experience!

Talking it over at home

Getting all suited up

Posing for the photo op

On their way

On the board!

Paddling off towards Campus Point (Gee, I hope they both come back)

Back to shore! (Is that a smile I see?)

Happy girl, envious friends

All dried off and dressed; time for a snack after all that excitement!

Jun 11

May the Force Be With You

Let me preface this by saying that not only am I a child of the ’80’s (born in 1976), so this is a part of my childhood cultural experience, but I am also a huge sci-fi nerd. There, I admitted it.

Tonight, Adam and I decided to let Anna watch Star Wars.

We’ve been debating for a while whether she was old enough or not. In all honesty, I was less worried about her being scared or there being too much violence or whatever, then I was afraid that we would show it to her too young and she would not appreciate the genius–yes, GENIUS–that is Star Wars, Episode IV, A New Hope.

We sold her the idea on the strength of it being primarily a princess movie (WHAT? It TOTALLY IS). And she fell for it, hard.

Okay, yes, she spent much of the movie huddled up behind a couch cushion, peering over the edge, frantically asking if “all the good guys” were going to be ok, but I am pretty sure she loved it.


And Princess Leia is a pretty kick-ass princess, by the way. If only they would have let her fly one of the fighter jets in that scene where they are trying to destroy the Death Star. Now THAT would have been awesome.

Adam and I shared a look as the opening sequence came on, music blaring and script-a-scrolling down the page, a look that was a little gleam in the eyes, a look that said that we were sharing something significant with her. These are the moments you dream of before you become a parent.

First steps, first words, first time you see Luke Skywalker with the two suns setting in the background. These are the reasons I became a Mom.

May 11

Max, or The Cat Formerly Known as Oliver

It has been a while now…..and I realized that I missed the little pitter-patter of tiny cat feet. I missed the talking (meow!) and I missed the petting. We have Lucky Dog still but our house just hasn’t felt right since Jack died.

We went to the Humane Society this weekend and had a humorous round of Meet N Greets with the cats available for adoption. Our first visit was with Oliver, a black and white talker of a cat. A cat who did not stop meowing for one instant the entire time he was in the room with us. (“Just like Jack,” I thought). We also met Cheerio….well, if you can call the one second he was in the room with us as a meeting. Cheerio jumped up onto the (very very very extremely tall) partition and away away away as fast as he could. Adam and I looked at each other, laughed, and agreed that Cheerio was not our next cat. There was a big ol’ love of a cat, a big furry cat named Kitty Kat, whom we all loved but who was very up there in years. I hope someone takes him home. I just didn’t have the heart to adopt a 13 year old cat, knowing that health problems and (sad but true) death probably weren’t that far away. We met a couple more, but it was Oliver that we kept coming back to. Oliver, though not as immediately cuddly and happy as Jack was from the beginning, had the right kind of personality. He was social (clearly bonded with the lady who worked there, despite having only been there a couple of weeks), he was talkative (love that, except for the middle of the night), he was just okey dokey with Anna petting him and getting in his face–no growls and hisses like we got from one of the others we saw.

Oliver it was! Anna decided that his name was REALLY Max so he has become Max now that he is home with us. (There was a waiting period to bring him home; I guess they want to make sure that you are serious!).

He has been hiding out under our bed for the better part of today, but we watched him enjoy some catnip through the sliding glass door (from outside) and it is obvious that he has eaten some food, too, out of his new bowl. It will be interesting to see when he emerges, how he fits in.

No cat will ever be Jack–he was a once in a lifetime kitty–but I am loving having a cat around here again.

Jan 11

The Future is Now

Our new thermostat has a touch screen AND we can control it from our iPhones. The year is 2011…the future is now.

Oct 10

Match-ey Match-ey

Is it Cute Cute or Disgustingly Over-The-Top Cute for mothers and daughters to own matching clothing? I just bought Anna and I matching shoes. Not necessarily planning on wearing them at the same time but….well….it could happen. You’re laughing at me right now, aren’t you?

Toddler Girl's Size 9 1/2, Women's size 8 1/2

Sep 10

So proud

I know this is old hat to some of you with almost four year olds, but what Anna just did today makes my Mama heart proud: her very first drawn person.

Jul 10

34th Birthday, take two

Had more fun than I thought possible today, despite the fact that the beginning of the day was conspiring against me (female troubles, RAIN?????!!!!, late to get Anna to school)…..the rest of the day was gravy: long walk with Adam on the (drizzly but still gorgeous) beach, coffee, lunch on the sand, afternoon run, snuggles around a fire (seriously, I cannot remember a single birthday of mine in my entire LIFE that was this chilly!), then dinner out.

Oh! Plus! I got presents!

Somehow I kinda sorta forgot (forgot? is this a sign of my advanced age?) about the presents thing. I mean…I knew there might be presents. But it was SO not my focus this year (I mean, not like when I was a kid and I could hardly sleep for the excitement of waking up in the morning to New Stuff) that it felt like a really incredibly amazing special surprise to see things that people picked out for me, just for me, just to celebrate me! Pretty cool.

My mom and Adam totally weirded me out by both, independently of each other, buying me the exact same thing (heart shaped waffle iron). The present itself is not weird, no not at all (I’ve secretly been coveting one for a while to round out my waffle iron collection), it was just kind of bizarro that they would both get me the same thing. They love me enough to both know how much I would love that exact thing, I guess!

But, well, you know, it wasn’t all about the presents. I feel this year, more than any year in my life, that (sorry, cheesy writing alert) it is a gift to just be here. To be alive. What a gift! I felt a little teary today when I thanked my mom for giving birth to me 34 years ago. What a wondrous thing: to breathe, to move, to smell the damp earth and see the green things grow and feel the love of people around oneself. It’s the best thing I could think of, just to be here.

XO to all of you, my loved ones. I’m lucky to know you.

Jun 10

Picture this

My big butt (dressed up for a change, for a random mid-week lunch date with my sweetie!). Also pictured, my new iPhone 4. It rocks.