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Nov 10

Princess DeLuck

Anna received three (yes, three! She’s in heaven!) princess dresses for her birthday from her Grandma and Grandpa. As she unwrapped them, she held them up and asked me, “Which princess is this one, Mama?”

I read the labels as she held them up. “This one is is Rapunzel…”

“‘Apunzel! I love Apunzel!” she shouted (we “met” Rapunzel, or ‘Apunzel as Anna calls her, at Disneyland recently).

“…and this one is called the ‘Pink Princess’ costume…”

“I LOVE pink! Pink is my favorite!”

“….and this one is the Deluxe Sleeping Beauty costume.”

“Who? Princess DeLuck?”

And it was then, and forever will it be known as, the Princess DeLuck attire. In fact, just this evening (Adam can attest to the veracity of this report), our very own princess was wearing the DeLuck costume and spinning in circles throughout the house, screeching, “I am Princess DeLUCK! Beautiful Princess DeLUCK!!!!”

May 10

Pink Tutu Heaven

This is what my Mother-in-law, Carol, says when describing what it is like to be a Grandma to three little princesses girls (“I’m in pink tutu heaven!”) after being the mother of three boys. And isn’t that the truth, the pink part at least. Sometimes I feel that my life is overrun with the color pink. Pink this, pink that. I like pink. I buy pink clothes for Anna. But sometimes…just sometimes, I wish that she would pair that bright pink top with some blue jeans. I may regret these feelings when she is going through her goth or steampunk phase in high school. Who knows.

Today we went to the bookstore to pick out a present for a little friend who is turning three. A little girl. Anna was ecstatic to be picking out the present (though, as she always does in times like these, she asks if she can maybe get a present, too? Maybe the same thing that she is picking out for her friend? Because she reallyreallyreallyreally likes it and she needs one. No, she neeeeeeeeds one). I was happy because we settled quickly and easily on something that seemed exactly on the mark, that wasn’t absurdly expensive, and that wasn’t horrendously tacky or horrific (and the whining quickly stopped when I told her that no, we were not going to buy one for our house but maybe, just maybe, Emily would let her play with it when we went to visit at their house).

That reminds me, did I tell you about the last time we went birthday present shopping? For the little boy from Anna’s preschool who just turned four? Well…..that was not such an easy breezy shopping experience. If you know me, you know how much I strive for gender equality and lack of stereotypes but…..oh geez. If you just could have seen the thing that she wanted to buy for Liam. It was BIG and EXPENSIVE (already making it a no, sorry, we’re not that good of friends with this family, not $100 birthday present close) and it was PINK and it had FAIRIES and PRINCESS CROWNS. I think it was a pink fairy princess castle or something like that. I tried not to laugh as Anna ran to me, squealing, holding this gigantic thing (I have no idea how she remained upright carrying this thing as it probably weighed just about as much as she does, if not more) and yelling, “I got it, Mama! This is the thing that Liam will like! He will like it SO much!” It’s hard to explain to a three-year-old that someone else might not like something as much as they do, especially when it is something like gendered toys. “But why he not like pink princesses, Mama?” Hmm. Good question.

It’s funny, my internal reaction and thought processes during this. Part of me wanted to say, screw it! Let’s just buy some pink fairy princess thing for this boy (not the original item as cost, remember, was still prohibitive)! I told her she could pick (mistake). What’s the big deal? The big deal is that, quite honestly, I was embarrassed. I just knew we would get a lot of looks and giggles if he opened up the Dress Me Up Princess Doll Set. Funny how that is, isn’t it?

So. We settled on a green dinosaur puzzle. Liam loved it. Anna loved that he loved it. But me? Part of me died a little bit when Anna and I had a talk about how many boys (NOT all) like different things than many girls (NOT all) do. About how there are differences in the kinds of things that they play with and like. Another blow to gender equality? Am I one step away from encouraging her to be a nurse, but not a doctor? From telling her that being a firefighter is something only for boys (nevermind that Liam’s Mommy is one!)?

I hope not.

In the meantime, I will sigh a sigh of relief every time we are on safe ground (buying presents for girls) and ashamedly admit a wave of nausea and nervousness every time we get a party invitation with a little blue truck (or Spiderman or car or….) on the front of it. Oh, friends. I dearly love your little boys but…what would you think if you received a stereotypically “girl” present for them?

Pink tutu heaven, indeed.

Feb 10

We wanted to call it quits

We wanted to call it quits. We were quite sure we were done. It was over. Finis.

I’m embarrassed to even post this here.

On Tuesday I dropped off a package and a half of Pull-Ups at my friend Natalie’s house. On Thursday, I bought some more.

In my defense, I truly did not think Anna would ever go back to them again, short of us strapping them on her and attaching with duct tape (it did cross my mind, admittedly).

You see, Anna has been daytime potty trained for a while now. She’s pretty consistently good about it (except for the odd time when she gets too distracted playing or whatever, which I hear is typical). Nighttimes, though?…..Oh the nighttimes…..

She did great. At first. She was waking at least once a night to get up and use the potty, silently and without fault.

Then, the last few weeks, she was waking at least once a night to get up and use the potty, with tears and whining and pleas for help.

Then, the last week and a half, she was waking at least once a night (up to three times some terrible, nightmarish, me-in-a-zombie-state-next day nights), with a wet bed.

“It’s okay, sweetie,” I soothed. I know that this is so very normal. That her mind and will are running several miles ahead what her body is able to do. We held endless talks about it, her and I. I tried hard to make sure that she heard that it wasn’t that she was doing anything wrong. It wasn’t that I was ashamed about or of her. It was just something for us to work on, together.

I tried the tricks my friends suggested: limiting water in the evening (made no difference whatsoever), offering pullups (yeah, right….”PULLUPS ARE FOR BABIES!” she wailed), taking her to the bathroom, half asleep, when we turned in (limited success: it worked a couple of times while other times she had already peed the bed by 10 pm or she would wake just an hour later with a wet bed). I purchased more waterproof mattress pads and then layered them: mattress pad, sheet, mattress pad, sheet, mattress pad, sheet. Sometimes I ran out of these things. The laundry started driving me insane. By this Wednesday night I was kicking myself for having given away those pullups, Anna’s refusal to wear them notwithstanding. Thursday morning dawned with Anna in bed with us, all of her copious sheets and blankets and mattress pads in various states of washing, drying, waiting to be washed.

“Sweetie,” I said. “I need to talk to you.” I gave my usual talk about how her body wasn’t ready to hold her pee all night, how it didn’t mean that she was a baby, she was still my big girl. How we wanted to save water by not having to do so many, many, many loads of wash day in and day out.

And then. It came to me, in a flash of brilliance. Bribery.

Princess. Princess Pull-Ups. My mom had bought a pack of these back when I was in the hospital and they were the favorites for sure (I favored the plain ol’ beige ones made by Seventh Generation). For these purposes….Princesses might just be the trick.
I offered. Anna thought for a moment. She asked, hesitantly, “And I still wear big girl underpants during the day? Like a big girl? In the morning? Princess Pull Ups at night only?”


“Ok!” bouncing around on the bed, “YAYYYYY PRINCESS PULL UPS! YES YES YES!”

Well, ok then.

And last night she put them on without hassle. She slept all night (a feat not accomplished in quite some time). She woke up dry (well, dry bed, pee in pull up). And all is right with the world. (For the time being, at least).